Brass Band

The Salvation Army has used traditional Brass Banding as a way to share the gospel story since its beginnings. At first it was only used to help draw a crowd to come and hear the messages given by early Salvationist preachers. Over time the role of the band has expanded and taken on new tasks, all with the goal still being to spread the gospel story. Today we participate within our worship services at the church with congregational singing and with special musical arrangements. We also serve outside our church walls by doing services at Seniors Residences where we will play favorite requests from the residents. As well we love being able to spread the Joy of Christmas at our city’s Hospitals each year by carroling in the halls, while other members of our church handout a little gift to all the patients who would 
like it. We also play at many Salvation Army functions through the year such as, the Toy Run, Red Shield Dinners, and the Kettle Kick Off Breakfast We also are honored to be able to play at the Veterans Day, and Remembrance Day services. To be able to help remember our countries Servicemen and Women is a real privilege. These are the people who have helped keep this country on a path that allows us all to worship freely and without fear. We cannot thank them enough. We as a band are so thankful to be able to use our talents in this way. While the method of brass banding has changed over the course of time, the mission still remains true to this day, to use music as an avenue to open a door to conversation about God and serve at the same time.

Praise & Worship Team

Saskatoon Temple Worship Team under the guidance of the Holy Spirit leads the congregation in worship each Sunday. The Team members are on a rotating schedule and various members will participate in morning service.